What is X-MODE® in a Subaru? How does Subaru X-MODE® work? Subaru X-MODE® allows Wesley Chapel drivers to customize performance to perfectly adapt to a variety of terrains. Drive mode selectors like these are fairly common these days, but X-MODE® takes this feature a step further. Find out why. Then, complete a finance application and come test drive that Subaru inventory at Subaru South Tampa to experience this feature in action! 

What is X-MODE® in a Subaru? 

Subaru X-MODE® allows you to fine-tune the power ratios between your brakes, drivetrain, engine, and transmission with the push of a button. This allows drivers in St. Petersburg, FL to customize the performance of their Subaru to provide the smoothest possible performance on rugged terrain, optimum traction on icy or wet roads, and more! A Subaru essentially becomes an off-road vehicle when X-MODE® is engaged. X-MODE® even automatically engages your hill-descent control system when you drive down hills! 

How Does X-MODE® Work?

As we mentioned, it allows you to fine-tune the handling, traction, and power distribution of your Subaru to perfectly adapt to rougher roads. Here are the systems engaged by X-MODE®: 

  • Transmission: Turn X-MODE® on, and your transmission will shift into a lower gear, so your engine can send greater amounts of power to your wheels. 
  • Engine Throttle: With X-MODE® engaged, your engine throttle opens more slowly. This means you'll be able to deliver a slower trickle of torque, so you can draw much vaster quantities of torque in situations where your vehicle needs to scale rocks or maintain traction on dicey roads. In sum, a slower throttle opening allows for better handling on unpredictable terrain where the stress on your engine can vary wildly. 
  • All Wheel Drive: X-MODE® raises the front and rear coupling force of your drivetrain to optimize traction. 
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control System: It also utilizes a VDCS system to intelligently perfect brake pressure to tamp down on wheel slippage.

Experience Subaru X-MODE® In Action at Subaru South Tampa 

Now that you know what X-MODE® on a Subaru is and how Subaru X-MODE® works, call Subaru South Tampa at 866-941-2206, so we can give you a demo of Subaru X-MODE® in action! You can also contact us online! We look forward to introducing you to other signature Subaru technologies like Subaru EyeSight