Any defective production run of Subaru vehicles will be recalled by the manufacturer for a swift and entirely free repair, so your vehicle can remain in compliance with federal and state regulations. In the event of a Subaru recall, you should receive a letter from the manufacturer. However, it's always best to use our Subaru recall lookup tool to see if any recalls on your Subaru vehicle have been listed. Just type in your model's Vehicle Identification Number, which you can find on your vehicle title. Then, hit "Enter." 

If anything surfaces, simply reach out to the Subaru South Tampa service center. Our mechanics can swiftly repair your vehicle at no cost, so you can be sure your vehicle totally safe to drive as you commute from Wesley Chapel or St. Petersburg, FL to Tampa on your commute! Also, please note that, if your vehicle is from 1998 or older, you'll need to contact Subaru Customer Assistance directly for support.