Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many folks in the St. Petersburg and Clearwater, FL areas to lose their employment. While there is no doubt that the past year has been difficult for many folks worldwide, the team at Subaru South Tampa, located at 6402 W Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa, FL, is trying to do our part to help. Through the Feeding America program, our dealership has been able to provide meals for many Tampa area residents. It is just one of the ways that we provide assistance to the communities that we serve.

What is the Feeding America Program?

Some of the current hunger statistics in this country are sobering. For example, 25% of children in the United States are in danger of facing food insecurity. That is a staggering number. Feeding America is a program that works to provide food to people in need. Although you may not know it, there are probably friends and neighbors in Brandon, FL that have benefited from this program. As a brand, Subaru has donated 50 million meals since the pandemic began. They are aiming to provide 100 million more meals as a way to make food accessible to local food banks across the country.

Our dealership is invested in this effort to make sure folks in the Palm Harbor, FL area don't go hungry during this difficult time in our world's history. The Tampa area Subaru retailers have provided over 600,000 meals to folks in need during this time. It is just one of the ways that we are proving that we are not just a car dealers. We are a part of the community.

Choosing Subaru South Tampa

If you are a Sarasota, FL driver deciding where to buy or lease your next vehicle, doesn't it make sense to shop with a dealership that gives back to the community? The Feeding America program is just one of the many ways that we contribute to the surrounding community. When you do your auto sales, service, or parts business with us, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your money is going to a Subaru dealer that cares about doing good in the community it serves.

People with a current automotive need should contact the team at Subaru South Tampa, in Tampa, FL, today, so they can do business with a car dealership that is looking to be a helpful member of the surrounding community.

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