Any Subaru you've purchased here in the Tampa area will include a lot of features and add-ons that you'll enjoy getting to know. One thing that's also included that's important for keeping the value of your Subaru to its top levels is the maintenance schedule that's easy to follow. By keeping up on scheduled service at our Tampa, FL Subaru dealership, you'll be able to make the most out of your Outback, Forester or Legacy for many miles and years to come, all while our dealer serving Sarasota and Brandon will stay connected with you for all your travels.

While there are common mileage markers for getting your oil changed or tires rotated shared among most cars found out on the roads of Clearwater and St. Petersburg, this maintenance schedule takes the planning ahead out of your hands. By sticking to the routine mileage and monthly markers, our professional Subaru techs will not only handle flushing out fluids, working on tires and replacing filters, but will also get a close-up look at your car's important parts and systems, which will inform them of more crucial repair work that might be needed.

Whether it's for your daily travels around Tampa and Palm Harbor, or if you're regularly taking longer road trips, the complimentary maintenance program included with your Subaru is going to help you out considerably. A lot of service will be covered by your warranty during your lease or the early years of your purchase, while there are options for express service and other kinds of maintenance and repairs we handle with ease. Check out the service specials we offer, schedule an appointment online and be in touch so we can help you make the most out of your Subaru for the long haul.

Keep up on your car's maintenance schedule and be in touch with Subaru South Tampa today to get started on your next visit.

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